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Feed Testing & Custom Nutrition

ration & mineral formulation

We offer a comprehensive sampling and analysis so that you can have the healthiest animals. With the data we collect, we can assist you in making custom ration and mineral formulations.  

Toxin Screening

Nitrate poisoning can occur due in cattle due to an excess buildup of nitrates as the result of natural processes in the forage of your animals. We perform laboratory testing to determine if the levels are acceptable for your animals and their health. 

We also perform mycotoxin and mold screening. 

Hay Probe

Similar to a toxin screening for forage, a hay probe allows you to determine whether or not your hay is within acceptable ranges of nitrates, prussic acid, and mycotoxin levels. 

We recommend sampling from 10% of your bales as to get an accurate picture. Submit you samples to us, and we can test the hay.