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Livestock Services
Committed to your success by providing the best information, support, and services for your animals and your livestock business.
Forage Testing
We can provide screenings of hay, water, and forage in order to help you prevent issues like nitrate and mycotoxin poisoning in your herd.
Feed & Nutrition
Your animal feed & nutrition headquarters.
Livestock Equipment
Efficiency, Safety and Support
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Precision Tech
Your precision technology team, increase profit through technology. You can't manage what you can't measure!
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Your Animals, Healthier

We are a team of experienced individuals with a passion in caring for animals, small or large.

This is our Why

Cattleman’s Resource, Inc. is your animal care team fueled by faith and driven by the passion to help people raise happy, healthy and wholesome animals and to help feed the growing world. 

Your Animal Care Team

Your Animal Care Team at Cattleman’s Resource has served the people and animals in this community and surrounding area for the past 20 years.

“I am confident that our team provides our customers with the best care and products available in our industry. God has blessed us with an incredible team that is genuinely dedicated to sharing relevant knowledge with you and helping you with all your animal care needs.”

Paul Chard, DVM, Veterinarian & President of CRI

Co-Owner, Board Member

Megan Chard

As the Co-Owner & Operator or Cattleman’s Resource Inc, Megan has brought valuable experience and expertise to our operation.  

Doctor of Veterinary Med.

Katie Jenkins

Katie is a veterinarian at CRI with a specialty in bovine, equine, and companion animal care.

Retail Storefront Manger

Trish August

Trish August is our retail storefront manager, and has been a valued part of our team for over 22 years and counting. Stop by the store today to see her smiling face. 

We Are No Longer Offering Veterinary Care Services

It is with heavy hearts we inform you that Dr. Katie, our veterinarian providing pet animal veterinary care, will be leaving our practice at the end of May 2023. This means we will be unable to offer full service pet animal veterinary care after that time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and want to help you transition to a new veterinary care provider for your pets. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance in finding a new provider.

Please view the pdf below for guidance on how to best move forward and for answers to FAQ.

From Your Expert Animal Care Team Staff

Your Offerings

Pet Veterinary Services

We provide in-house veterinary services for household pets in addition to our livestock veterinary services.

Bovine Services

We provide services such as age and source verification, ultrasounds, freeze branding, processing, health consulting, and more.

Equine Services

Equine services include ultrasounds, dental services, preventative care, & cryotherapy to keep your horses in top shape. 

Feed & Supplements

CRI provides a wide variety of animal feeds & mineral, and is a Purina retailer. We also provide custom feed and mineral blends. 

Livestock Equipment

Stocking everything from chutes, tanks, scales, and feeders for purchase or rental. Call for current availability. 

Vaccines & Pharma

We provide medications and vaccines for livestock and pets. We also provide custom vaccine development for specialized needs. 

Forage Testing

We can provide screenings of hay, water, and forage in order to help you prevent issues like nitrate and mycotoxin poisoning in your herd. 

Cattle Reproductive

Including both gear for artificial insemination and estrus synchronization, you will be well stocked for breeding season. 


We want to make sure you can find answers to all of your questions. Check out our varied in-house resources.

Yakta Mowers

We want to make sure you can find answers to all of your questions. Check out our varied in-house resources.

For Pet Owners

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Not feeling chatty? You can request appointment slots directly through the app’s interface without the need for a call. 

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Low on your pet’s prescriptions or favorite food? No problem. You can request a refill in just a few taps.     

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Don't take our word-- Hear from the animals "themselves"!

Animal Testimonials

Leeroy Ironsides

I wasn’t exactly feeling my old “Secretariat” type self these days. But after one checkup with CRI, I feel like War Admiral wouldn’t stand a chance. Thanks Cattleman’s! 

Betsy Von Moo

I was having trouble finding a bull, but then I found Cattleman’s Resource Inc. After an AI treatment, well– let’s just say my calf will have stellar genes!

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We want to help you get all your animals, large or small, in the best shape of their lives. Give us a call or email and see first-hand what our team can do for you.